Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018

Bathing is a daily activity of individual’s life. You need to keep yourself clean from dirt and bacteria that you have interacted during daylight. At lease people take a shower once a day. Therefore, it is important to get a nice and warm bathe after tiring day. However, you may have difficulty to clean off all dead skins from your body. So a special item is invented to help you reaching to your every body part. It is called bath brush. The bath brushes have long handle and a small brush head to scrub the skin.

Buying guideline:

If you want to purchase this product, you should think of a few features before deciding. First of all, you should consider on length of the bath brush to know if it can reach to distant areas. Second of all, the quality of brush is significant because it depends on the softness of the brush to make you enjoy the shower. The last thing is you can choose according to shape and color of the brushes.

Well, to guide you till the end, this article is going to introduce you to the top 10 best bath brushes which are trustworthy.

1. 100% Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush with Contoured Wooden Handle

This is the last recommended bath brush of the day. This product has unique design; to be clear, it has curved head bristle so it works well on your skin and touches areas you want to scrub dead cells off. Materials of this bath brush are light wooden handle and natural boar bristle brush. Additionally, there is a cotton loop attached for convenient hanging.

1. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


2. Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush

Are you looking for sturdy and yet light assistant to help you in bathing time? It is one of the best bath brushes that you should consider. It is made of plastic handle in purpose to offer ultimate lightness, while the bristles are nylon. This product gets dry quickly after using. It is 14 inches long; thus, you can grab it tightly and scrub your back or other areas joyfully.

2. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


3. Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush (15.5in)

Meet this is lovely bath brush which has clear handle. You will love it. The teeth of brush are nylon. The material provides durability and softness; the bristles won’t fall off. In total, the length of this product is 15.5 inches. And its handle has rough ridges to prevent slippery. You can use this brush with soap or shower gel. It is light too so you can hold it nicely.

3. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


4. TopNotch Quality Bath Brush VALUE PACK

Let’s share happiness with your mate. This is a bath brush product which comes as two pieces; a blue and a white brush. Do you want to work well with a lightweight bath brush? These two brushes are formed by soft bristles and plastic handles to give weightless feature. To add, the handles have 36 cm length and non-slip ridges to ensure that they won’t slip off from your hands.

4. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


5. Aquasentials Deluxe Mesh Brush(Color Assorted)

Some bath brushes may make slippery when interact with water and soap. However, this bath brush has non-slip grip handle for you to hold. The product has purple color which is suitable for women. In addition, it is 18 inches long so you have no more problems in reaching and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, its head is mesh sponge with wide surface.

5. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


6. Redecker Beech Wood Bath and Shower Brush

Look at this beautiful and slim bath brush made in Germany. It has beech wood handle and bristle fibers. Because of the high grade bristles, you are able to scrub off dead skin cells and get soft and smooth body skin without experiencing pain. Also, its handle has length about 17.75 inches. The bath brush is very durable. It won’t crack or break easily.  You can use it dry or wet.

6. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


7. Dry Skin Body Brush - Improves Skin's Health And Beauty

Showering by using durable bath brush not only gives you cleanness, but the product also improves your blood circulation. For more information, it doesn’t have a handle to hold, but there is an extensive strap on the back of the brush so that you can stabilize it on your hand and do scrubbing. To promise good quality, the product uses polished wood and natural bristles.

7. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


8. Esup Bamboo Bath Body Brush with Long Handle

You can enjoy the nature while showering with this product. The construction this bath brush is premium bamboo and boar bristle which are organic materials and able to antimicrobial and prevent mildew growth. Hence, you will have no concern about bacteria on the bath brush. Interestingly, there are two sides of the brush head; you can use either one to erase dead skin cells. You will receive a pumice stone working on feet.

8. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


9. Bestrice 18in Long Handle Bath Body Back Brush Shower Nylon Mesh Scrubber Loofah Sponge Large Head

Here is another nice green color bath brush that attached with sponge. The sponge is nylon mesh so you don’t have to worry that it hurts your skin. Moreover, for your convenience, the product has a long handle which has 18 inches length. You can use it to scrub every area of your body without difficulty. There is a tiny hole at the end of the handle so you can hang it on a hook after using.

9. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


10. Bath Sponge & Brush Long Handle Loofah Shower & Bath Exfoliating Scrubber Body Back Brush Pouf Mesh for Men & Women

Let’s start off with soft sponge bath brush. This is a body scrubber which has 6 inches nylon mesh sponge head. The sponge has a great ability to absorb soap and provide ultimate smoothness on your skin. It has long handle of 15 inches that made of beech for you can hold on it comfortably. Also, the handle is endurable to water; it won’t lose quality.

10. Top 10 Best Bath Brushes Reviews in 2018


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