Top 10 Best Drill/Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018

Are you a handyman or up to some DIY projects involving wood- or metal-making, but do not have enough tools? Say no more! Now you can just pick one of the best drill/driver bit set into your collection. The benefit of these bit sets is that you could just carry it anywhere and do anything you want with different types of drill/driver bit. Thus, you don’t have to buy piece by piece and be worried that it’ll get lost somewhere in your garage. If you have a hard decision in choosing drill/driver bit set, don’t worry, I have sorted it out for you with 10 best drill and driver bit set for this year.

1. DEWALT DWA2T40IR Impact Ready FlexTorq Screw Driving Set

DEWALT DWA2T40IR is the best choice we have picked that could do numerous screw driving jobs for you. It is professionally designed with durability and dependability. Made from high-speed steel, this Impact Ready driving set can last in any situations one. Specially, if you're going on a tough working site, this driver bit set will be your best companion in doing amazing job for you. Moreover, this DEWALT model contains 40 bits with many different sizes and tips. Also, with hex shank, this driver set guarantees less chance in getting wobble or breakage and could also reduce drop with its 10x magnetic screw lock system. Another feature is its FlexTorq which enables you to bend your bits up to 15 degrees. This  driver set also has one-year warranty for its customer and surely deserves its number 1 place.

1. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


2. Craftsman 100 Pieces drilling and driving kit

If you're looking for drilling and driving kit with many bits and reasonable price, you should add Craftman kit into your shopping cart now. Craftman has up to 100 different bits that you can use for either drilling or driving on many materials such as wood, metal, or even on stonework, etc. Craftman driving bits are powerful in doing its job and it also comes with 3 different models such as Phillips, flat and Torx. Thus, you can do your job on any surfaces and shapes. Also, by looking at its design, Craftman drilling and driving kit is made of steel and also has black oxide finish that can last longer even with tough jobsite. Besides, it weighs only 2.95 pounds which is easy for travelling.

2. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


3. Bosch MS4091 Drilling and Driving Mixed Set

Available since 2015, Bosch MS4091 drilling and driving mixed set is still standing strong in popularity. It comes with light weight of only 1.5 pounds which is very convenient. This drilling and driving is a heavy-duty set with high quality standard that could provide greater production of your work on many surfaces. It has a well-gripped ability to guarantee less chance of screw slipping and also maintain the screw head. Bosch MS4091 is also versatile as there are variety of driver and drill bits such as round shank drill bits, nut setter bits, and 1-inch and 2-inch insert bits. It also comes with a hard-plastic carry case containing 91 pieces. Bosch MS4091 drilling and driving mixed set is really convenient for your day-to-day work and on tough site.

3. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


4. BLACK & DECKER BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set

Choosing the right drill/driver accessory set could be problematic. However, let me introduce you the top 4 drill/driver bit set of this year, BLACK & DECKER BDA91109. It is a drill/driver bit set that you may want to keep one for handy works, especially for various household projects. Its special feature is the well-designed screw driving bits that could handle jobs with masonry, metal, or wood. This BLACK & DECKER BDA91109 drill/driving set also comes with long-lasting 109 pieces. In addition, it comes with various types of bits such as 1-inch or 2-inch bits that you can use in any suited situations. Besides, it also comes with portable hard storage case that is easy to carry with.

4. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


5. Portamate PM-1350 300 Piece Drill/Driver Bit Set with Storage Case

If you want many different kinds of bits in just one single case, Portamate PM-1350 Drill/Driver Bit set will be your perfect choice. Within 300 pieces of drill bit set, Portamate is professionally designed for you as a handyman, DIY, carpenter or any types of job involving drilling for both indoor and outdoor projects. Now it's just a piece of cake for you to work on wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and masonry. Thus, this drill/driver set contains 116 High Speed Steel drill bits, 24 Carbide- Tip masonry drill bits, 42 Woodworking drill bits, 5 Wood Spade Bits, 5-Piece Hole saw set, 88 screwdriver bits, and 25 other assorted accessories. Portamate PM-1350 Drill/Driver Bit set also comes in one durable case containing 3 storages with 2 removable and convenient drawers. Plus, it also comes with a one-year warranty.

5. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


6. IRWIN Tools 1840315 33-Piece Impact Series Fastener Driver Bit Set

Another outstanding companion for all our handyman is IRWIN Tools 1840315 33-Piece Impact Series Fastener Driver Bit Set. Designed with high standard steel, IRWIN tools is really resistant to any types of work and is 3 times stronger than traditional bits. It also has a black oxides finish that makes sure there’s no damage on the surfaces of wood or metal you’re working on. Moreover, it is best known for its ultimate durability and could ensure the quality of the driver bits. Since the IRWIN Tools driver bits are rather forged, it fit fastener perfectly that you don’t have to worry about stripping. Additionally, it comes with 33 pieces which includes different types of sizes shielded in a pro set case.

6. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


7. Hitachi 799962 120 Piece Drill and Driver Bit Set

Within its high technology, Hitachi has presented its Hitachi 799962 Drill and Driver bit set to cope with and facilitate your tough jobs. This Hitachi drill bit and screwdriver set has the DuraCore technology that manufactures your bits to be the most powerful and last longer in any situations. It also has 60mm magnetic insert bit holder with zinc chrome plated steel that makes your bits fit and slip-free. Moreover, the Hitachi drill abnd driver bit set has different types of pieces such as Masonry Drill Bits, Black Oxide Drill Bits, Spade Bits, Brad Point Drill Bits, Nut Drivers and many more. Additionally, the Hitachi Drill and Driver Bit set will be the best companion of your Hitachi Power Tools if you've already one at home.

7. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


8. Makita A-98348 50 Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

Still haven't found what you really like? Then, let me introduce you Makita A-98348 Impactx Driver bit set. What's special about Makita is that its driver bits are manufactured by S2 steel for ultimate performance and durability. It has well-designed machine tips with the best fitment and even boost longer lifetime. Also, it could guarantee zero damages made by corrosion to your work like wood, metal or steel with its dependable and heavy-duty Manganese phosphate surface. Makita driver bits are made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about tarnishing and rush. Besides, this Makita Impactx driver bit set includes 50 pieces. Makita is really convenient to carry around.

8. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


9. Hi-Spec 47 Piece Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set

Hi-Spec Multi-Purpose Drill Bit set is a kit for people who want just enough of bit set for their work, and it is also on a good sale. Thus, this model has 47 pieces of drill bits made from high standard high-speed steel to ensures long life and strength. These Hi-Spec high grade bits set includes titanium coated bits, masonry bits, brad point bits, flat wood bits and others that could fit all type of works on wood, plastic, metal, and stone. Plus, the set also provides wood hole saws with sharp and powerful teeth design. Also, its hex shank is very adaptable and easy to change quickly to save your time. Besides, Hi-Spec Multi-Purpose Drill Bit set comes with a reusable storage and weighs only 2.29 pounds.

9. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


10. Drill America KFD High-Speed Steel Drill Bit Set

You can always count on the most popular Drill America KFD Drill Bit set when it comes to your drilling job or projects. Looking at its design, Drill America comes up with eye-catching black and gold bits and also works perfectly in stainless steel, wood, iron and other hard metals. This bit model is made by high speed steel that is highly resistant to damage. Moreover, it can ensure fitment and thrust reduction even better with the Killer Force Drills' 135-degree split point. Quite different from the others, Drill America drill bit set has 115 pieces concealed in strong metal case. Now your work performance has just been upgraded by Drill America KFD Drill Bit set.

10. Top 10 Best Drill, Driver Bit Set Reviews in 2018


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